PureCure Eco Aircooled LED UV Curing

Our commitment to the future and green technology

Diverse Grafix are assisting companies into becoming carbon neutral with PureCure™ Eco LED UV.

Diverse Grafix Built On Success

As Diverse became more successful, an opportunity arose to expand operations further beginning apply their extensive production knowledge and print engineering expertise to the supply, installation and maintenance of commercial printing presses and print machinery. Success in this venture helped Diverse to establish a solid reputation for quality, reliability and good business practice, servicing a wide client base throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, China, India, Africa and other worldwide locations.

A reputation based on



Good Business Practice

Diverse like to keep their finger on the industry pulse and to “lead the way” in the supply of print advancements. We are always looking to offer the next product, technology or innovation into the fields of print, advertising and promotion and it is this approach that allows our clients the opportunity to “lead the way” in the print industry too.

Diverse Grafix are pleased to introduce their new ECO Aircooled LED UV curing system

The PureCure™ Eco LED UV System

The PureCure™ Eco LED UV system offers Flexo and offset printers the ability to easily add on retro-fit Eco LED UV curing to most models of Flexo and traditional offset press, quickly adding affordable, flexible, inline high speed curing to their existing processes.

PureCure™ Eco LED UV is affordable, energy efficient and highly eco-friendly, increasing productivity and job turnaround speeds allowing printed projects to move on to finishing processes much quicker.

PureCure™ Eco UV LED produces real job cost savings and profitability for users via reduced energy consumption & reduced sheet wastage and even allows the re-use of make-ready sheets.

PureCure™ Eco UV LED system is cleaner, removing the need for varnishes and sealers and removing material & print area contamination issues associated with spray powders

Key Benefits


energy efficient


increases productivity


Greener and Cleaner
LED UV curing is already widely recognised for its increased energy and waste reduction, but PureCure™ Eco UV LED goes further still with lamps that are mercury and ozone free and can operate at up to as little as 20% of the energy of conventional UV lamps. PureCure™ Eco UV LED lamps also have a lifetime up to 20x that of other market UV systems, they produce no consumable waste and are far safer and operator efficient.

Energy Saving

Efficient energy cost reduction (typically 70%)

Cost savings

In materials, time on press, man hours, removal of varnishes and sealers via longer, safer lamp usage times & bulb cost savings (Comparison against oil based printing with or without water based coating) ​

Material Savings

Allows re-use of make-ready sheets and reduces job sheet wasteage

Faster production

Instant drying allows jobs to move on to final finishing processes far quicker and more efficiently

Cleaner for the environment

Removes the need for chemicals, varnishes and sealers from the curing process. Removes usual job marking issues Removes contamination issues to job and work areas associated with spray powders

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“I was amazed at the service from Diverse. I rang with a problem on the Tuesday afternoon and a replacement part and technician were waiting for me first thing Wednesday morning. Now that is service”!

Somerton Printery, Somerset – Graham

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Dealing with Diverse grafix was a breath of fresh air, they were so knowledgeable and helped with every stage of what was a fairly complex logistics and installation process

Within a week we were training and running high quality live jobs, these guys are the bomb!”.

Colourtime, Vancouver, Canada. - John Plonka

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“Diverse are a great team, really friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anybody wanting a used press

Sprint Print, Swansea. - Steve

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