Printing Presses

Di Presses

Diverse Grafix are expert suppliers of most makes and models of Di and traditional offset press, handling sales, transportation and installation for clients throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Diverse can also source and supply spares for the majority of press models and have expert engineers able to carry out most repairs to deadlines.

Heidelberg QMDI Presses

Heidelberg QMDI are recognised as a market leader and innovator in DI printing. Heidelberg DI presses are available in three models, the QMDI Classic, the QMDI Plus and the QMDI Pro.

Superb print quality, high production speeds, reliability and a compact footprint make Heidelberg presses ideal for the small pressroom or printshop. Heidelberg DI presses are are fully automatic, imaging all plates directly on the press and all models feature sheetfed waterless digital printing. This removes the expense of reprographic film, platemaking, mess, time and other expenses normally associated with off press imaging.

Heidelberg model QMDI presses can cost effectively produce four color printed products up to a maximum sheet size of 330 x 450mm (13” x 17.75”) at up to 10,000 impressions per hour.

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​KBA Karat Digital Printing Presses

KBA Karat (now Koenig & Bauer), are a german manufacturer supplying quality commercial printing presses for over 100 years. KBA Karat DI waterless offset presses are available in three models, the 46 Karat (SRA3), and the 74 Karat (SRA2) which are available in coating and non-coating options.

The print quality of KBA Karat presses is second to none, waterless inks are superbly vibrant and presses feature excellent consistent inking with no streaking or marking.

KBA Karat digital presses are available in a range of flexible size formats allowing printers the ability to service a huge percentage of the print marketplace. KBA Karat DI Presses are easily able to handle a varied range of printed products from business stationery to leaflets to posters and the Karat 74 model with coating even allows the printing of lenticular products, plastics and other specialist materials.

Presstek DI Printing Presses

Presstek have long been respected as a leader in quality, environmentally friendly, digital offset printing. Presstek presses remove the complexities of print production with digital artwork files sent directly to the press for instant chemistry-free, on-press imaging. Presstek presses are available in two models, the 34di and the 52di.

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Presstek DI presses allow printers to be vastly more competitive in a market place that continually demands faster turnaround times and shorter press runs at lower costs, without sacrificing on print quality.

The Presstek DI printing process is made possible by the interaction of three core technologies, laser imaging, thermal digital media, and unique press design. Energy efficiency and small footprints make Presstek presses a popular choice with small and medium sized printers where floorspace can be restrictive.

Other DI Printing Presses

As well as the main brands of DI press shown above, Diverse are able to source and supply many other makes and models of quality DI press. If you have another press make or model in mind contact us for advice.

Traditional Offset Printing Presses

Although press and print technologies have become very advanced in the modern era, not every printer chooses to follow the digital route. Indeed many craftsmen printers still prefer the more hands-on approach of traditional offset printing where the artistry of the final printed product is controlled by the skilled press minder, rather than by computer.

This approach is typical of smaller commercial print operations producing shorter print runs or products with many spot colours or special treatments, or of the craftsmen printer producing art products and reproduction prints for example.