Platinum compact desktop printer

Diverse Graphics are proud to supply this superb compact UV printer in the UK

The Platinum compact desktop printer is a great choice for small & medium print operations. Affordable & flexible with a small footprint, the Platinum offers users the ability to provide customers with superb quality, short run customised printed items


Plus the Platinum compact desktop printer even offers the ability to print embossed and varnish effects!

The Platinum printer features:

  • Industrial print heads
  • 2400dpi resolution quality output
  • Print embossed and varnish effects
  • Print gift itemS, 3C products, cover art, glass and metal items
  • Reduce or remove outside finishing costs
  • Offer customers more and higher value products

Max print size: 600x900mm
Colors: CMYK, Lc, LM + W, one head with 2 colors
Curing: Led Lamp
Print speed: 6.5 sq.m/hr @ 600×900 DPI bi-direction
Max resolution: 600×2400 DPI
RIP software: UnitedFancy
Max print height: 70mm