Diverse install Premier Graphics third DI Press.

Diverse Grafix recently upgraded Premier Graphics with a Presstek 52 DI press. Having already purchased two Heidelberg DI presses from Diverse in recent years and seeing, business and production increase substantially, Premier decided that now was the perfect time to upgrade and add a third DI press to their production environment.

Diverse Grafix director Steve Hopkins says…

“We are delighted to have built such a good long term relationship with Premier Graphics. We have always tried to provide the best products and service for them over the years and to play our part in helping to keep them “Up and Printing” as effectively and profitably as possible”.

“When successful print operations like Premier return to purchase from us again, it’s great. We think it proves that we can be trusted to do our very best for our clients, sourcing not only the best press, but providing the best all-round package for each individual customer too, from transportation to training and finance to after-care”.

“Although the current print industry “big-wigs” seem to think that DI printing is all but finished. We tend to disagree, we think that affordability, quality, reliability and customer service are all still major factors when purchasing print machinery. Not everyone can afford the many many tens of thousands or even £ million plus it takes to enter into the very latest print technologies. So there’s still a very real market for Diverse DI Presses both in the UK and worldwide. For instance in January we will be installing a Presstek 52 DI in Vancouver and another in Dubai which goes to show that DI printing is far from finished yet”.


What’s New for the New Year..

FlexCut Digital Cutting TableDiverse Grafix are very excited about their recent brand new product launch. FlexCut High-speed Digital Cutting Table is an affordable perfect for the print and allied industries as well as for many other applications.

Available in various size options, the FlexCut digital cutting table is able to handle a vast range of materials of up to 5m x 5m in area and thicknesses of up to 50mm. Allowing small and medium sized print, signage, packaging, creative, design and industrial businesses to bring custom cutting and finishing tasks completely in-house too. Reducing production time & expense and allowing ultimate control over all aspects of job production.

Steve says…

“Having over 25 years of print industry expertise, we are confident this superb product is a great addition to any digital or traditional print operation. But better still, FlexCut Digital Cutting Table is flexible enough to be a major asset in many other design and industrial businesses too. With it’s excellent price point, we are sure that FlexCut Digital Cutting Table will be well received and will be a great seller for us in the very near future”.

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