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Diverse install Presstek 52Di printing press for Colour time Canada.

Presstek 52Di printing press

The installation of the Presstek 52Di printing press for Colour time Printing and Digital Imaging in Vancouver, Canada was a great success.

Diverse specialist DI engineers handled shipping & site installation and provided press training for five of Colour times’ staff. The whole operation was completed just over one week.

Installation & training went really smoothly… The Presstek 52Di is an easy press to operate with the right training Colourtime staff picked up the operation really fast, and in no time at all were able to comfortably operate the press unassisted. So much so that on their first day of full production, they completed four commercial jobs by lunchtime. Needless to say, managing director John Plonka was absolutely delighted!

Diverse managing director Steve Hopkins said…

“The Colour time project was very successful all round,  everything went smoothly and John & his staff were great to work with. This Canada trip was a first for us and it has been a really great experience, we hope to have laid the foundations for many more projects there.”

The future’s looking bright…

“The print industry seems to think that DI printing is all but finished, but we tend to disagree. It’s still a simple truth that not everyone can afford the huge sums of money it takes to enter into the latest print technologies, so there’s still a very real market for Diverse DI Presses both in the UK and worldwide. We think the fact that we are so busy at the moment (with another Di press going out to Dubai very soon) proves this, we’re looking forward to more exciting projects throughout this year.”


Diverse supply superb quality DI presses and press equipment to the UK, Europe and Worldwide and are specialists in Heidelberg, KBA Karat, Presstek and more.

Diverse Grafix FlexCut digital cutting table.

FlexCut is an affordable High-speed Digital Cutting Table perfect for the print and allied industries as well as for many other applications.

See it here.

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Diverse to supply Presstek 52 Di press to Canada.

Diverse are eagerly looking forward to finalising the sale and supply of one of their Presstek 52 Di presses to “Colour Time Printing & Digital Imaging” Vancouver, Canada in early 2017.

Presstek 52 Di Press

Diverse managing director Steve Hopkins says…
“This is an especially exciting project, as it will be the first time we have sold and transported a press to Canada.

Although an entirely new experience for us, we’re not daunted by the prospect at all, we’re more than used to supplying presses and equipment to countries all over the world. We absolutely know we have all the facilities, the people and the expertise in place to make sure that this project is another great success… now we just can’t wait to get going!.”


Diverse supply superb quality DI presses and press equipment to the UK, Europe and Worldwide. We deal in Heidelberg, Ryobi, KBA Karat, Presstek and many more.

Call us with any enquiry 0044 (0)161 399 0195 or send us a message here.

Diverse supply Ryobi 3404 Di press to “FineArt” Multimedia Macedonia

Diverse Grafix recently completed the sale and supply of a Ryobi 3404 Digital press in Skopje, Macedonia.

Ryobi 3404 Di Press

This was an interesting and exciting project for Diverse, which to be successful, required the careful consideration and management of several complex facets. These included smooth completion of the international financial transactions, along with the planning, logistics and transportation of the press across Europe from the UK to it’s new home with “FineArt” Multimedia in Skopje.

Skopje, Mecedonia.

The project was overseen at all stages by a qualified Diverse DI engineer who also completed the press install, carried out full print testing and provided full operator training for the clients on site.

All ran smoothly throughout and “FineArt” were extremely satisfied with the service Diverse provided and even more so with the quality of the Ryobi press they had purchased. They were able to operate the press successfully within a matter of days of delivery and so get straight in to production with as little disruption as possible.

Managing Director Erroll Osmani said…

“I am very happy and thankful to have done business with you. I was also very pleased with Mark who installed the machine for us. He showed himself to be highly qualified and the work he did was excellent, he always gave us his very best.”

Diverse supply superb quality DI presses and press equipment to the UK, Europe and Worldwide. We deal in Heidelberg, Ryobi, KBA Karat, Presstek and many more.

Call us with any enquiry 0044 (0)161 399 0195 or send us a message here.

Diverse Grafix New Product Launches for 2016

Diverse Grafix are pleased to announce that they will be launching 3 brand new products into the Print and Graphics trade in 2016.

Digital Laser Cutting Products

Our range of laser cutting devices and high speed digital cutting tables enable UK printers and sign & graphics professionals to handle complex, custom finishing tasks in-house. Removing the need for expensive cutting formes and time consuming traditional hand finishing processes. Saving time and expense and delivering more valuable custom end products in record time.

LED UV Products

Our brand new retro-fit LED UV curing systems will allow printers to increase productivity by up to 30-40%. Providing instant drying to print materials and allowing instant progression onto other print finishing processes. Adding a revolutionary step to any offset presses capability.

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