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Diverse Grafix


Diverse Grafix FlexCut Digital Cutting Table for print, signage, packaging & industry applications.

Diverse flexcut digital cutting table

The FlexCut Digital Cutting Table from Diverse Grafix offers high speed, digital cutting scoring and finishing capabilities for all forms of signage, packaging and industry applications.

FlexCut is…


The FlexCut Digital Cutting Table is extremely affordable compared to other market options. Allowing small to medium sized creative, design or industrial businesses to bring custom cutting and finishing tasks completely in-house. Cut down on production time & expense and gain ultimate control over all aspects of job production.


Available in various size options, the FlexCut digital cutting table is able to handle a vast range of materials of up to 5m x 5m in area and thicknesses of up to 50mm. Perfect for print materials, custom signage, display & advertising materials, decorative products, art & design products and many types of industrial products.


FlexCut Digital Cutting Table offers true creative freedom at the planning stage. Choosing combinations of tool heads within a project allows not just cutting, but scoring, routing and even custom carving. The applications for FlexCut are really only limited by the designer’s imagination.


The FlexCut digital cutting table features easy to use server software. Simple input systems allow the operator to specify custom materials, thicknesses, speed settings and much more. Jobs can be queued in order of priority to improve production workflow and project settings can be stored easily for future recall.

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The FlexCut digital cutting table offers many
benefits to print, packaging, sign, design and
industry professionals including:

  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Higher speed turnaround of bespoke
    finishing processes
  • Lower costs by removing the need for
    cutting formes, manual labour etc
  • Better efficiency and control by keeping finishing tasks in-house
  • Greater creative freedom for complex
    custom job finishing
  • Higher value bespoke end products

Cut, engrave, score, rout and carve a huge range
of materials such as:

  • Soft and medium density foam, plastics, boards, corrugated cards etc
  • Natural and man-made textiles, sheeting materials etc
  • Vinyls, foils, films, papers, thin cards etc
  • Hard vinyls, plastics, cards, mdf, sheet
    timbers etc

Software features:

  • Customisable Materials Library
  • Customisable Job Task Settings
  • Cut Path Tracking and Production Time Estimation
  • Archiving of Job Settings for future use
  • Fault Diagnosis and Software Upgrades

Machine Parameters:

  • Customised cutting area: Up to 
 5m x 5m
  • Cutting Heads: Single/Dual
  • Cut Precision: 0.1mm
  • Maximum Thickness: 50mm
  • Maximum Speed: 1000mm/sec
  • Pump Power: 7.5KW / 9KW / 11KW

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